Shilajit Benefits For Men: A Quick (And Simple) Guide

Shilajit benefits

Ancient Indian medicinal science has always considered possessing many potent medicines and secret herbs that have the cure to many ailments for today’s humankind also. Many of these are now tested by western medicine practitioners as well by clinical trials, animal testing methods, etc. One such gem in the ayurvedic medicine system is Shilajit.

This fulvic acid containing substance is superfood at times. Fulvic acid is a powerful antioxidant and is to reduce the build-up of excess tau protein in our body thereby reducing cell damage and improving our vital functions on a day to day basis. Shilajit’s unique composition of minerals allows it to help the human body to work at its optimum level. Shilajit was generally found in rocks and its characters and strength vary based on the area and method by which it gets extract.

Shilajit has been used in various forms for various purposes in India and South Asia by Ayurvedic practitioners. Though Shilajit has a very wide spectrum of applications there are some major issues where it is found to be very effective for men. Shilajit helps with low testosterone levels, fertility, libido issues, heart health, aging signs, etc. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Please note that the effects of Shilajit on one’s issues may not be typical and thorough consultation with a physician is imperative before proceeding with the treatment.

1. Testosterone, libido, and Fertility in men:

Most of us are aware that the predominant hormone in men that is responsible for their libido, performance, and fertility is testosterone. However, some men contain fewer testosterone levels than others which could lead to some performance, sex drive and fertility issues. Various clinical studies have proven that patients who have taken Shilajit treatment in a controlled environment have exhibited higher testosterone levels, sperm mobility, etc. Shilajit enhances the nitric oxide levels leading to improved hormone secretion, blood flow for better performance and libido in men.

Shilajit contains a multitude of minerals and the trace amount of zinc, selenium, and magnesium which help to increase fertility levels.

Directions: Studies suggest that consuming 300mg of the medicine Shilajit with honey would be ideal in this scenario. One must be able to feel the difference in 2-4 weeks.

2. Heart Health:

Due to its composition containing many minerals and other trace elements, Shilajit is a good supplement for heart health. Shilajit, when consumed in regular dosages by healthy people is known to show better cardio health. Since this medicine is also used to reduce hypertension, Shilajit is known to reduce blood pressure and is not to be taken by people with existing heart-related ailments. These results have been currently tested on animals only.

Directions: Kindly contact a physician to have an analysis of your health and corresponding Shilajit dosages.

Chargin enriched with Shilajit


Due to the antioxidant nature of the fulvic acid which makes up for most of the composition of Shilajit, it is a very good supplement to slow down and combat most aging signs. Regular intake of Shilajit helps one work against cellular damage in our body. This, in turn, results in a slow down of the aging process in the vital organs such as the heart, lungs, livers, etc.

These effects combined with Shilajit’s ability to improve and maintain optimum heart health, it is recommended as a supplement to slow down aging in our body.


People suffering from alcohol withdrawal or a very severe hangover suffer from severe dehydration and malfunctioning of the liver. Shilajit helps with the replenishment of the depleted electrolytes and other nutrients hence reversing the effects of the alcohol from the body. In addition to the electrolytes, our body also uses necessary minerals such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc.

We know that Shilajit has a unique composition with trace elements of these minerals and is successful in directly delivering these to the cellular level helping in faster recovery. It essentially works like mineral water with superlative antioxidant properties.

Directions: 300mg of pure Shilajit with water can help in faster recovery.


Each brain process depends on the levels of the various hormones and the chemical balances that take place in our brain. Memory especially is one such function. Antioxidants and minerals help maintain this chemical balance in our brains. Shilajit contains fulvic acid which is a very good antioxidant hence regular intake of pure Shilajit helps in improving one’s memory.

Chargin With Shilajit

Shilajit is an extremely potent, rare and important ancient herbal substance found in nature. Though there are a lot of applications for this wonder drug, there are very little physicians and ayurvedic practitioners who are aware of its properties. Before, one decides to use Shilajit for medicinal and nutritional purposes we should be aware of its quality and source. The pure Shilajit melts at room temperature, is dark in color and tastes bitter. Please be sure to use the right substance at prescribed dosages only for the optimum and reliable results.

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