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Green Tea -An All-Rounder

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The Actual Place Of Green Tea In Our Life

The 21st century has made people conscious of their health. They are now more concerned about their body than ever before. With the adoption of western lifestyle, junk food has become the center of attraction.

It is a temptation that is hard to resist. People are keen on eating junk food, so they have to be very careful about their health as well. Yoga, aerobics, gym, running, etc. are becoming a part of the daily routine. But such exercises can only be fruitful when we are taking appropriate food along with it.

Eating junk food endlessly and at the same time working out won’t help us at all. A nutritious and well- balanced diet is a must along with physical exercise. Green tea is an essential part of the daily routine along with healthy food and exercise. Green tea is so beneficial that it can not be ignored.

Let’s Know What Green Tea Is All About

The origin of the green tea took place in China, and its production and manufacture spread to other countries in East Asia. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves, and the buds that not go through the same oxidation and withering process used in making oolong teas and black teas.

Several types of green teas differ from each other based on
● Variety of Camellia sinensis used
● Growing conditions
● Production processing
● Horticulture methods
● Time of harvest

Green tea can be in the form of dry leaves, infused leaves, and the liquid.

How Does It Benefit Our Health?

There are numerous positive benefits of green tea which are as follows:

Cancer: As we all are well aware that cancer is a deadly disease. It eventually leads to fatal ends in most of the cases. Intake of green tea reduces the risk of cancer in your body.

Weight Loss: Regular intake of green tea helps you in losing weight. Especially obese people can take great advantage of it.

Cardiovascular Diseases: Green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the body.

Inflammation: Green tea contains polyphenols that reduce the risk of inflammation.

Prevents Liver Toxicity: Green tea contains antioxidants that protect the liver and other parts of the body from getting toxic.

Improves Brain Functioning: Intake of green tea is beneficial for improved functioning of the brain.

Better Physical Performance: Green tea makes you more active and results in better physical performance/activity by the body.

Beverage: Apart from the health benefits it provides, green tea also serves as a beverage drink.

Desire to Have A Long Life? Try It

Green tea is an all-rounder. It gives you multiple benefits. If you desire to have a long life, you should try it. Just make it a part of your diet plan, and you will be able to see a change within a few days. Value green tea because it, in turn, values your life.

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