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Best Nano Curcumin Supplement: The Secret to Ease Joint Pains & Inflammation

Everybody is busy today. Be it a school kid, an office-goer, housewife or an elderly man, everybody has their own routine, chores, and list to be ticked off. With such busy schedules, comes strain, body ache, muscle & joint pain, etc. All of us consider them to be the common effects of our lives and move on. But these small intervals of pains are indications that your body needs something extra to cope with our daily schedules. It is always good to listen to the signs your body shows.  

Let us consider joint pain for example. Joint pain shows itself in your body in many ways: knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, etc.  Joint pain can be caused due to various reasons such as inflammation, injury due to sudden impact, arthritis due to old age, and infections, etc. Joint pain and inflammation affect over 9.6% men and 10.8% women worldwide as per WHO (World Health Organization). In India alone, 25 to 35% of people suffer from joint pain across ages.

Osteoarthritis, with joint symptoms in elderly people, is also known to be caused by inflammation. In our previous blog on Nano Curcumin, we discussed how an element called Curcumin present in turmeric can be a lifesaver when it comes to inflammation and inflammation-related ailments.

Before we tell you the best Nano Curcumin supplement, let’s deep dive into Nano Curcumin.

Nano Curcumin is produced by combining various polymers or nanocarriers with the native form of Curcumin in high quantities for better and faster action. This is because though Curcumin is present in turmeric naturally, the percentage is very low (3-5%) and regular consumption of turmeric can cause reactions for some.

Curcumin is also not water-soluble hence it is difficult for the component to get absorbed in our body. Nano Curcumin based on the polymers used is easily absorbed in our bloodstream, carries out targeted action on joints for faster healing and pain relief.

Nano Curcumin is known to be highly effective as an anti-inflammatory supplement by attacking the molecule responsible for inflammation near our joints during trauma or old age. Nano Curcumin is also anti-oxidant in nature and arrests the aging of our cells to slow the progress of age-related ailments. This also aids in providing relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Though there are no known side effects of taking Nano Curcumin supplements, some people may experience nausea, acidity if taken in higher quantities. Also, nano Curcumin should be combined with piperine, fat molecules to counteract these effects. If the supplement chosen does not contain these, it may lead to adverse reactions or no effects. Please check the label before buying a supplement and when in doubt, always contact your physician prior to consumption. Start with a small dosage and monitor for allergies, reactions if any.

Nano Curcumin Supplement: Hiku

Nano Curcumin supplements can help people across ages, gender get relief from a lot of issues such as joint pain, muscle pain, and other inflammation-induced diseases. Supplements are preferred over natural form due to its higher concentration of Curcumin, ease of absorption and faster action. However, selecting the right supplement, that has the native form of Curcumin with essential other chemicals, is half the battle.

Well, that is where Hiku serves as your answer. Hiku, one of the most Nano Curcumin supplements in the market, is produced by combining Curcumin, piperine with boswellic acid, lycopene, Beta carotene, and spirulina. This supplement stands out against other supplements because of this unique and highly effective combination. Every element of this supplement has been hand-picked and added to provide maximum relief from joint pain and inflammation.

The combination of Curcumin and boswellic acid is known to work best together against joint pain while lycopene and beta-carotene work as anti-oxidant to energize the joints and improve healing. This is also known to enhance better mobility post healing.

Hiku is found to be effective against knee pain, leg pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, and various other types of joint pain. In addition to having joint pain relief abilities, Hiku also supplies essential amino acids to your body so as to provide muscle strength post inflammation has been reduced. Hence, it can be agreed that Hiku not only provides relief from joint pain, it also ensures that the body is strengthened against further attack and damage.

Many customers who have used Hiku have vouched for the entire natural products present in the supplement as well as the results.


Curcumin has a lot of applications and benefits in the treatment of joint pain and inflammation in your body. Curcumin is one of the components of turmeric however the low quantity of Curcumin in turmeric makes it difficult to treat joint pain and inflammation directly. Nano Curcumin brings you the benefit of Curcumin with the help of nanotechnology for better absorption, faster action and reduced side effects or reactions. Hiku, one of the top nano Curcumin supplements, combines Curcumin with many essential minerals, vitamins to treat joint pain and inflammation in your body

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