Best Biotin Supplement: A Secret to Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

Between a fast-paced life and increasing pollution around us, it is becoming very difficult for anyone to take proper care of their health. Even if people make time to work on their health and maintain a balanced diet, there are always some nutrients that get lost and fall through the cracks. In such cases, there are no other options than to turn to supplements to keep us on track.


Vitamin H or Biotin is an essential nutrient that helps us maintain good health. Biotin helps supply energy to our body and keep our hair, skin, nails, nervous system, liver healthy and in shape. Though Biotin is needed in small quantities only, lack of awareness of the exact foods needed for this coupled with various diet habits, we end up suffering from biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency leads to hair fall, skin rashes, dry skin, brittle nails, pigmentation, etc.

Know Your Biotin:

Let us take a detailed look at Biotin to understand its importance and side effects if any.

Biotin supplements are very popular supplement since it has a range of benefits and combination of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids that help in maintaining good health. There are many Biotin supplements available in the market and it is important to have adequate information before deciding on the right supplement.

Biotin works in our body to enhance cell growth and improve metabolic functions such as processing amino acids, fats to regulate blood sugar, cholesterol, and other growth hormones.

Generally, our body needs a very little amount of Biotin on a daily basis (30-100mcg) and it can be easily found in a wide range of foods such as fish(salmon), egg yolk, milk, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, and nuts, etc. Though these are foods that are consumed frequently and can provide enough Biotin for the body, there are chances that someone may suffer from biotin deficiency.

Biotin deficiency can be caused by consuming excessive egg whites, undertaking fad diets such as no carb-foods, vegan diets, etc. Specifically, if someone is vegan or has an allergy to certain foods, they would be deprived of essential nutrients such as Biotin and would require supplements to fill the void.

While Biotin supplements are generally not known to have any side effects, Biotin supplements should be taken with some caution. Since Biotin is water-soluble, if taken in excess, it will be expelled via urine. Biotin supplements in the blood can also interfere with the results of some blood tests; hence you should inform your doctor before undergoing any tests. Pregnant women should not take Biotin supplements unless advised by a physician.

Biotin supplements also generally combine biotin with other minerals such as Zinc, mannitol, etc. hence one should check before consuming to avoid allergic reactions. Starting with a small dosage is advised.

Nutrivog Biotin Supplement

Nutrivog Capsules

Nutrivog Biotin supplement contains Biotin with a combination of added amino acids and minerals. Specifically, Nutrivog contains two important minerals whose deficiency can lead to excessive hair loss, dry skin, etc. These are cysteine and methionine. These minerals work with Zinc present in the supplement to ensure that hair fall is reduced drastically. Zinc also helps protect skin from dryness, rashes and other symptoms of biotin deficiency.

The amino acids lead to keratin build up thus protecting against hair, skin, and nail related symptoms. One of the major specialties of Nutrivog is that it is natural, 100% tested and void of side effects. Hence, it can easily be one of the top biotin supplements you can find in the market now.

Why Nutrivog?

Nutrivog Biotin supplements contain Biotin and other minerals in their natural or native form hence avoid chances of any kind of contamination. It contains Zinc which has high healing and repairing characteristic making it a must for hair growth and repair.

Nutrivog Biotin supplement is one of the best Biotin supplements that can be used by both men and women. In addition to being an excellent hair, skin and nails supplement, it can also help in pain due to deficiencies in our nervous system.


A balanced diet is very important for a healthy body. In our quest to follow a lot of fad diets, we end up avoiding foods of certain variety depriving our body of a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Biotin or Vitamin H is one such example. A lack of biotin can lead to a lot of hair and skin related problems.

Biotin supplements with added zinc and other natural materials play a vital role in ensuring that our body gets its daily dose of essential vitamins. However, there are chances that some of the additives in a supplement may cause side effects hence it is imperative to consult with a doctor before starting on a new supplement course.

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