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9 Must Known Benefits of Nano Curcumin for Your Health

9 benefits of Nano Curcumin

Ancient Indian households had ready remedies for every common ailment. The tradition of using home-grown plants and spices as medicine is still alive in many of the families. One such spice is turmeric, used to treat issues such as digestion, insomnia, joint pains, etc. However, this tradition is no longer just unique to Indian and Asian households alone. Turmeric is increasingly becoming popular in Western countries beyond the Turmeric lattes. They are being recognized as an important ingredient in one’s diet for various health benefits.

But this article is not about turmeric, it is about Curcumin. How are they related, you ask?

Let us explore 9 Must Known Benefits of Nano Curcumin for Your Health

Turmeric derives its medicinal properties from the various chemical components present in it. Curcumin is one of the most active elements in turmeric and is known to possess various healing characteristics such as pain relief, anti-oxidant properties, and anti-inflammatory properties, etc. However, turmeric as a whole contains very little % of Curcumin for it to be efficient as a medicine. This is where Curcumin Supplements come into play.

Specifically, Nano Curcumin supplements are found to be higher in effectiveness since the various types of nanocarriers help the chemical component work faster without decomposing when compared to native Curcumin. Hence it stays longer in our system and heals better.

Nano Curcumin benefits include treating diseases caused to inflammation, excessive oxidation in us such as joint pains, muscle pain, and heart/brain diseases, etc. Let’s find out Nano Curcumin health benefits in detail:

1. Anti-Inflammatory action

Our body has many self-defense mechanisms and inflammation is one of them. Inflammation helps fight anti-bodies and repair muscular and cellular damage. However, excess inflammation leads to weakness and attack on healthy tissue itself. With old age, inflammation-related issues such as muscle pain, joint pain, early-onset arthritis increases. NF-kB is the molecule responsible for excessive inflammation action and Curcumin works to block it from traveling to our cells and arrest inflammation in our body. In many studies and clinical trials, Nano Curcumin is successive as an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic drug. The benefit of Nano Curcumin is that it is as effective as synthetic drugs without any side effects.

2. Anti-oxidant action

Oxidation processes is a process by which our body releases free radicals that lead to aging and other cell damage due to this. Curcumin is inhibit the release of these free radicals and also limit their interaction with the proteins present in our body. Due to anti-oxidant properties, Nano Curcumin benefits us by limiting aging symptoms and reducing the risk of chronic diseases caused by the aging of cells. Nano Curcumin also helps women in premenstrual syndrome by limiting the contraction of skin cells and tissues due to its interaction with free radicals.

3. Effective delivery of Curcumin Benefits

Curcumin, though highly beneficial for the human body, is very difficult to intake in raw or native form.It is extremely tough to absorb in our body. It combines with other ingredients such as fatty acids and pepper containing piperine for better solubility. Nano Curcumin supplements combine nanotechnology with the benefits of Curcumin to deliver a perfect supplement. Nano form of Curcumin is soluble in our blood, able to act on target affected regions without being affected by other metabolic processes in our body.

4. Wound healing and pain relief

Turmeric is a popularly known antiseptic and is used widely for healing open wounds by protecting them from further contamination and infections. Similarly, nano Curcumin also heals wounds faster than other natural substitutes. Nano Curcumin benefits patients with arthritis with pain relief by giving relief to joints and muscles from soreness.

5. Reduced Risk for Brain disease

Most brain disorders such as insomnia, Alzheimer’s and depression since the neurons in our body experience a decrease in hormones that help them with the regenerative process. An increased level of this hormone improves brain health and reduces the risk of brain damage and related diseases.

6. Reduce Risk for Heart disease

Heart disease is a killer disease that has several factors such as inflammation in muscles, blood vessels, excess oxidation, and various lifestyle issues. Curcumin reverses many of these symptoms in our body with prolonged usage hence continued consumption can actively reduce the risk of heart diseases.

7. Effective against Cancerous cells

We have already covered how nanotechnology and nanoencapsulation of Curcumin help it become more efficient and attack the affected regions with greater stability. This property of Curcumin makes it effective in cancer treatment. Depending on the nanoparticles employed for encapsulating Curcumin, it can be used to treat and prevent various types of cancer.

8. Reduced Risk against Parkinson

Parkinson disease is one of the extreme side effects of the aging process. It is a degenerative disease that makes the muscles stiffen and prohibit mobility for the patient.  As we have covered already that nano Curcumin can reverse the symptoms of aging. Nano Curcumin reduces the aggregation of protein in our muscles hence treating the stiffening symptom.

9. Reduced Risk for Diabetes

Nano Curcumin is anti-diabetic in nature. It maintains the blood glucose levels in our body in an optimum range which combined with the other properties make it a supplement for at-risk Type 2 diabetes patients.

Though Curcumin is naturally present in turmeric, a household spice, you should avoid in its native form for health benefits because of its reaction with our body molecules. Curcumin does not dissolve in our blood easily and needs other active ingredients such as piperine, fatty acids for absorption at the cellular level. With the advent of nanotechnology, Nano Curcumin is successful in combining the benefits of curcumin without any challenges.

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